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An eclectic mix of surf culture & thriving business. Located along six miles of Pacific coastline in northern San Diego County, Encinitas has an approximate population of 60,000 and is characterized by coastal beaches, cliffs, flat-topped coastal areas, steep mesa bluffs and rolling hills. Encinitas was incorporated in 1986, bringing an eclectic mix of surf culture & thriving business to San Diego County.

As described by the City of Encinitas, “Downtown 101 is a coastal shopping district over 100 years old featuring historic architecture, quaint shops, sidewalk cafes, and restaurants framed by beautiful flower baskets. The beaches in Encinitas are outstanding. There are many stretches of beach that lie between Cardiff-by-the-Sea and La Costa. The surfing is unbeatable and many surf contests are held throughout the year in Encinitas. The San Elijo Lagoon Reserve is the largest coastal wetland in San Diego County and is home to nearly 300 different bird species throughout the year.”